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OHMIC is a role-playing game about human beings. About people you'd meet anywhere on the street, whether they be mall managers, war veterans, store clerks, or even police officers.

Set in Chicago, Illinois, the game is told over the course of two parts. It follows the life of Ronald Cole, a police sergeant in his late 20's. He has everything he could ever want; a friend who is like a brother to him, a gorgeous fiance, a loyal mentor, and peers who would do anything for him. Yet, he always feels like he wants something more. Sometimes, he feels like he's not sure who he really is. Just like how we all wonder who we really are, deep down.

OHMIC is a tale of growth, decay, change, and questionable decisions. Sometimes, even the ones you trust will do things you aren't sure about. They'll say things that you'd never think would come out of their mouths. Just like real life, the world of OHMIC is full of surprises, from beginning to end.

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