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Ronald Marshall Cole

The main character of OHMIC. A man in his late 20’s, Cole is the driving force of the plot for a great deal of the game. Sardonic, morally questionable and quick to anger, but friendly, loyal and hard-working. Is troubled deep down, due to a lack of parental figures in his life, and various other psychological issues that surface in various parts of the story, but ultimately maintains stable relationships with the people in his life.

Miles "Bruce" Baldwin

Cole’s best friend and confidant since childhood. Is technically his superior, being a lieutenant, but usually allows Cole to act as the group’s leader regardless, due to the deep mutual respect and trust between the two. Shares many of his friend’s positive traits, specifically his kindness, but possesses a moral code just as dubious and bendable. When not fulfilling his duties, he’s typically seen with various women; often prostitutes and strippers.

Rachel Jacobs

Cole’s fiancée. A beautiful, kind, sensitive and motherly, yet tough woman, Rachel is everything Cole has ever wanted in a significant other. She’s among the best trainers in the Chicago Police Department, and has the most unshakable moral compass of the main characters; even then, she’s willing to cross a line if she has to. Often struggles with self-doubt and bottling in her personal issues, leading to drinking problems, burnouts, and even emotional storms. Throughout it all, however, she’s arguably the most approachable and secure person in all of Chicago.

Felicia "Felly" Cameron

Rachel’s close friend from high school. Both a dame-in-training and a regular cop, Felly lacks the experience of her companions, but makes up for it with an idealistic, reassuring attitude and a quirky sense of humor. Despite being by far the youngest of the group at only 26, however, she’s arguably the most disturbed, next to Frank, struggling heavily with drug addiction, clinical depression and occasionally paranoia. Her eccentric personality just barely manages to mask her troubles.

Franklin "Frank" Barnes

Cole and Bruce’s friend and mentor of about eight years. A war (particularly the Iran-Iraq War) veteran and former superintendent, Frank serves as the father figure and advisor of the group, keeping everyone in line, while nurturing them in his own gruff, flawed way. While ultimately well-intentioned, his moral compass and emotional well-being have heavily withered over the past 51 years of his life, as a result of the things he’s seen, suffered through, and had to do in order to survive.


The matriarch of House Corpus, OHMIC’s primary antagonist, and Cole, Bruce and Sandra’s nemesis. Frequently attempts to convince Cole to leave his normal, lawful life and join her family of demons. Ruthless, bloodthirsty and fond of trickery, yet polite, loving and calm. A notorious succubus, she sexually pleases and murders men (and sometimes women) when not causing trouble in Saltovi or Chicago.


The patriarch of House Corpus, Lamia’s husband and secondary antagonist of the game. Psychopathic, cruel, and extremely violent, he rules House Corpus with an iron fist, and directly supports his wife whenever they undertake a major conquest or have to kill someone. It is said that, other than a soft spot for Lamia, there is very little love or even emotion in Seir’s heart for anyone, other than anger and hate.

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